The Gathering Table: Coffee Talk with Maria Corona and Kaitlyn Mahoney.

Hola! My name is Maria J. Corona. I was born and raised in beautiful Querétaro, Mexico. A couple of years ago I decided to go full freelance, be brave, follow my passion, and be truthful to what my heart and soul really desired to do: Communicate and connect with people through my photographs. I was born for this, guys! I was born to create and tell stories.

While trying to gather all the bravery I could and working for a magazine in Utah I had the pleasure to meet one of the most beautiful women I have ever met: Kaitlyn Mahoney. I was one of the photographers and she was the writer/editor. I have always believed we are put in the right place at the right moment, and I firmly believe that working at that magazine brought to me one of the purest, most inspiring friendships I could have ever imagine.

Kaitlyn “the writer” was born in New Jersey, grew up in New York, and somehow ended up in Utah where we met! Kaitlyn and I were born two days apart — but that’s only one of our many similarities. We are both big fans of coffee dates, the great outdoors, and art, and we strongly believe that girls have more power than what they think.  

But we’re not actually all similar: she is vegan and I love cheese and tacos al pastor. Kaitlyn loves yoga and I love running. But enough about us. We are here to show you that no matter how many similarities or differences you have with people you love and admire, there is always beauty in gathering over a cup of coffee and talking about what really makes your heart and soul beat. 

When Maria first asked me if I would be interested in collaborating with her on a blog about food, we were getting our ritual every-other-week (at least) coffee. We spent our coffee hour brainstorming things we could write about: Maria is from Mexico, so we could share some of her favorite Mexican dishes. I’m vegan, so we could discuss how gathering around the table with others can get complicated when you have different diets. She and her husband had recently taken pasta-making classes. My mom is a chef and I got my love of baking from her. We had plenty of things we could talk about.

We met again the next week at our favorite local coffee shop to further discuss the ideas we’d come up with. After an hour of talking, laughing, people watching, and planning, Maria suggested that we write our post about coffee. 

It made perfect sense. All of our important talks happen around coffee. We bonded as new coworkers because we were two of the only people in the office that drank coffee. Regular coffee runs to the nearby Starbucks were what first brought us together as friends. 

When I was going through my divorce, Maria sat next to me, her milky cappuccino next to my black coffee, and reminded me that everything was going to be ok every time I forgot. When Maria launched her freelance business, she told me about her plans over coffee. Even after we stopped working together, we still met regularly to catch each other up on our lives and share our fears, hopes, and goals.

So two weeks later, we met for coffee, again. But this time to photograph our process. We made donuts (some vegan, some not — it’s surprisingly easy to accommodate different diets if you try), laughed and talked and shared and drank coffee. 

Because coffee doesn’t care if you’re going through a divorce or if you’re vegan or Mexican or scared about the big plans you’ve made for yourself. It just warms you up and provides the perfect backdrop for deep talks with friends.

All rights reserved Maria Corona Photography 2016

All rights reserved Maria Corona Photography 2016

All rights reserved Maria Corona Photography 2016

photography by: Maria Corona | website | blog | instagram | Facebook 

text: Kaitlyn Mahoney | instagram 

Model: Sara Yu | website 

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