Thanks for visiting The Gathering Table. This little place on the web is about creating memories around food. I try to provide you with recipes and kitchen and entertaining tips to help get those you love round your table, creating memories. Not all of my recipes will feed a crowd (but I will help you with that part as well), some are focused around everyday meals to bring your family together. I value family and want to help strengthen yours in the simple, yet powerful way that food can.

The Gathering Table is created by London based, food photographer, Sheena Bates. I test all my recipes on my family and friends. Those that don’t pass, don’t get posted. I constantly seek out to learn more about food and cooking and try new recipes, adapting and changing them as I go. The more I do learn, the more I realise how much I still have to learn, but I love to share what I learn with others. Follow along as I lead you through tried and true recipes, stories from our life in London, help with budgeting and meal planning, and of course, great food photos to drool over.

I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography. While there I came to understand my love of food and cooking, and began to explore food photography. I have since become a mother and family has become increasingly important to me. I want to be in the home with my children and create a loving, family centered environment for them, but I still need and crave a creative outlet. Blogging allows me to do that, while sharing what I love with others. What could be better?

My husband, son and I recently moved from Utah to London for graduate school for my husband. During this transition we had to learn how to cut back, it’s not easy returning to student life and living in London is expensive. From this experience I have learned much about budgeting and making good, wholesome food on the cheap, as well as mastering meal planning.

As much as I love cooking, I also love going out to eat. Seeing as we are no longer in the student boat, we are starting to venture out of our home kitchen more and experiencing some of the amazing restaurants that London has to offer. (I can’t believe I’m living in a food capitol of the world!) Trying new places and new foods is one of the things that brought my husband and I together.

Follow along, leave some comments and feed back! I’d love to hear from you and would love to hear what type of posts you’d like to see more of.